Home Inspection Services

Rogue Inspection Services - Home Buyer's Inspection

Buyer’s Inspection

Our inspection of your new home uses the latest tools and technology. Following our evaluation of the home, we will compile the findings in a easy to read report, which will include detailed descriptions and high-resolution photos. We encourage you to attend the inspection or at least a walkthrough at the end of the inspection so that we can explain our findings and answer all of your questions.

Rogue Inspection Services - Sellers Inspection

Seller’s Inspection

Lighten the negotiation and justify the price you are asking by scheduling a seller’s inspection before listing your home. A pre-listing inspection is just as thorough as a buyer’s inspection but will reveal any problems ahead of time and allow you to fix them, remove inspection contingencies, and provide you with the ultimate marketing tool to sell your home. Ask us how we can help you market your home!

Rogue Inspection Services - Construction Inspection

Construction Inspection

Your home may be new, yet it may not be perfect. The quality of new construction can vary from job site to job site; therefore, many buyers choose to have an independent review of their construction performed during various stages of the process, especially after completion. This can help prevent unexpected surprises and ensure quality of the home before the final purchase.

Commericial Inspection

We don’t just inspect houses! We also provide quality inspections of commercial real estate. We meet with our clients to discuss their specific needs and concerns relating to the property they are interested in purchasing.

Rogue Inspection Services - Renter's Inspection

Renter’s Inspection

A rental property inspection can help avoid potential conflicts with your tenant, especially regarding the condition of the property during turnover. Scheduling a walkthrough with the tenant present as well helps keep the process transparent.

11th Month Inspection

Your new home comes with a one year home warranty. Don’t let it expire without a home warranty inspection during that 11th month. If you do not address the problems with your new home within that one year mark, your builder will no longer be responsible. Avoid this problem and let us perform your warranty inspection, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses.

Rogue Inspection Services - Repo/Foreclosure Inspection

Repo/Foreclosure Inspection

Buying a foreclosure or repo home? Let us give you a full evaluation of the property during your grace period to determine if the property is within your budget. Our in-depth inspection can uncover hidden issues or concerns that will quickly put your investment property over budget. A small home inspection investment can save you tens of thousands of dollars in the long run.

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