Additional Services

Rogue Inspection Services - HVAC Inspection

HVAC Duct Inspection

A duct inspection provides a non-invasive visual examination of the duct system in your home. We use state-of-the-art video technology to examine the condition of the ductwork, checking primarily for rodent damage and mold. We will recommend cleaning, repair, or replacement based on the conditions we find.

Rogue Inspection Services - Pool & Spa Inspection

Pool / Spa Inspection

Repairs on a pool can be expensive. If the home you are buying or selling has a pool or built-in spa, we highly advise that you include a pool/spa inspection with your home inspection. Our detailed inspection will cover the following: finish, decking, coping, pumps, motors, filtration, piping, valves, gauges, water supply, accessories, and safety barriers.

Sprinkler System Inspection

Sprinkler systems are a complex mechanical system with many failure points: valves, heads, sensors, shut-off switches, etc. If your sprinkler system isn’t operating properly, it can cause water intrusion, structural issues, or mold growth. Add a sprinkler inspection to your home inspection to ensure your system is operating properly.

Monster Inspection

Being young can be tough, especially when you are not sleeping well because of that frightening monster hiding in your house! Whether it is during a move, a traumatic event, or just because, you can call us to perform a complete monster inspection. Our certified monster inspection experts provide this service for free to those in need ANYTIME, with or without an inspection. At the end of the inspection, we issue your child a “monster free” certificate, showing that there are no monsters… GUARANTEED!

Electromagnetic Field Reading (EMF Testing)

Buyer’s awareness for electromagnetic fields and the presence of power lines or cell towers in the vicinity of their subject property has increased. Power transmission line, main distribution lines, step down transformers and flaws in the internal building wiring can cause high EMF levels in residential buildings.

Rogue Inspection Services - Purity Test

Lead in Water Sample

Concerned about the possibility of lead in your drinking water? We will sample your water supply and send it to our trusted lab. In three business days, we will have results determining if lead is present and if further actions is required. This test is quickly and easily performed,  requiring only a small sample from an unfiltered water source within the home.

Rogue Inspection Services - Well Flow

Well Flow Testing

If you need a well flow test along with your home inspection, just let us know and we will arrange that for you. We feel that this service is best provided by a professional and that is who we call on. We don’t mark up the price or take a cut–we simply make sure our clients get the most accurate results and fastest service possible!

Rogue Inspection Services - Purity Test

Water Purity Testing

We want you to know what’s in your water. If you would like a water purity test along with your home inspection, just let us know and we will arrange that for you. This test will check hardness, pH, bacteria, nitrates, nitrites, etc. We order this test for your through a professional, saving you time and hassle.

Rogue Inspection Services - Septic Inspection

Septic Inspection / Septic Pumping

This service is handled by our professional partners. If you need a septic inspection or pump, please let us know at the time of scheduling your inspection and we will make arrangements to have the system pumped and inspected. Our goal is to handle all things inspection related, saving you and your agent time and trouble!

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